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Whether you have filed a case or a case has been filed against you, the cost of bringing your case before the judge can be many thousands of dollars and take many months. Fortunately, there is an alternative - Jacksonville divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is a lower cost alternative to costly litigation. The simple fact is that Florida law requires both sides to attend a divorce mediation prior to a judge hearing your case. While the great majority of family law disputes are resolved at mediation, most of those cases are settled in the weeks or days prior to a court hearing. Most cases that are not resolved before trial involve child custody or whether various assets should be termed marital or non-marital property.

A divorce mediation held prior to the start of the litigation offers the parties the opportunity to resolve their issues without going through the expensive, time consuming litigation process. However, a divorce mediation at this stage is voluntary and requires that both parties be willing participants.

Typically, a mediation will cost less than $1,000.00. The exact cost depends on the length of the mediation. Clearly, this amount - while not cheap - is far less than the cost of litigation. Hiring experienced divorce lawyers in Jacksonville FL typically costs a minimum of $5,000.00. A successful divorce mediation will allow the Court system to expedite your case as an uncontested divorce.

Jacksonville Family Law Mediator

Mr. Mullaney is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Court Mediator. He has been a Jacksonville Family Law Mediator since 2005. Additionally, Mr. Mullaney has attended many mediations in the last 14 years in his role as an Family Law Attorney.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Mr. Mullaney has been licensed to practice law in Florida and Georgia since 1996. If you are unable to mediate your case please see Mr. Mullaney's web site at Jacksonville Divorce Lawyer for more information on litigation. If you have already agreed to the terms of your divorce an Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville can help you get divorced quickly and easily.

Please call the office with any questions you have about Jacksonville Divorce Mediation.


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